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To me, self-care is doing things for myself because I want to and giving myself a chance to concentrate on me. Whether it’s a day to clean my favorite space, do a much-needed exercise or a day to relax and feel pretty, it’s self-care when I do it for me without thought of others.

I don’t need to clean my house so my guests and family will be comfortable, I need to clean my house to connect with my space and reduce the stress of clutter. I don’t need to exercise to fit into a sexy outfit or strive for a model figure, I need to exercise to keep my body healthy and feel vital with energy. I don’t need a day of relaxation to shut out the rest of the world, I need it to reconnect with myself and reflect on my place in the world.

Generally, in everything a person chooses to do, they must administrator self-care. It isn’t about fitting in, looking good for others or appearing to know things for others, it’s about being mindful of who they are and why they choose to do what they do while being open to how the experience develops their person. I encourage everyone to make time for self-care to feel whole and vital.