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Inspired by "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." -Winston Churchill

It takes courage to stand and speak
It's wise to know your ground
Whether loud or quiet, you are not weak

Take time to observe the sounds
Get a feel for what you believe
Measure your purpose before you hound.

Greatness is what you hope to achieve
What if now is your time to sit back?
It matters what you've come to perceive.

Staying quiet doesn't mean you slack
For you need time to view the picture and find what's true
Sometimes, you're searching for a hidden track

Before you act, remember to act as you.
It takes courage to stand and speak
Make sure it's a cause worth seeing through,
Whether loud or quiet, you are not weak.

Each situation is unique and controversial. You may not know the answers but you're called to try to make things right. To accomplish this, you must step back and observe to make a decision. Whether you're loud or quiet, it's your intention that conveys a message.
By listening to everything around you, vibes of direction are revealed. Connect with your purpose before charging through. Overall, you mean well and hope for peace. Sometimes sitting back is all that's required of you. A grounded perception is important for success.
Remaining quiet is choosing to be aware and open to truth. Perhaps there's a knot that isn't in obvious view.
Above all, it's important to act according to your person and not what you think you should be. It takes courage to be honest and stand for what you believe in. If it's a cause you're willing to see through, there may be many roles to play until it's complete. Be who you are, speak for what you believe in and remain aware as the situation evolves.