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Always look within
When in search for your treasures,
Understand your personal measures.

Always look within
When preparing for a goal,
Understand what about it makes you whole.

Always look within
When wanting to feel accepted,
Understand that self-love is respected.

Always look within
When you're ready to be daring,
Understand that you control the thoughts that are scaring.

Always look within
To develop and connect
Always with yourself, interact

My journey has taught me that looking within to connect with my spirit is the best way to communicate with Life. No matter what I've learned from others, only I could decide how far I was willing to go and what risks to I wanted to take. Trusting myself was to love myself and work to understand my disposition. In everything I faced, I was always whom I had to consult and reach an agreement with. This built the trust that I could conquer anything, as long as I chose to look within every time.