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Ever been caught in the rush of life and feel resistant to face the world? When your thoughts start building and you feel the resistance, make the choice to go on a mindful hike around the house. Choose a starting point in your house, take a few deep breaths then take a mindful walk around. Walk slowly through the halls and into each room while being mindful of its boundaries and what you see. Pretend this is your first time here and let yourself be drawn to happy memories made by objects or previous events in that space and feel your way around. Try to enjoy each space as you connect with yourself and end your tour with a visit to the kitchen where you can rest and restore yourself by making a calming and delicious drink to relax your body and mind.

When you have your drink chosen and ready, sit down to relax and absorb your experience.

How did you feel exploring your home as if it were your first time?

Did you feel more liberated as you explored your home mindfully?

Do you feel more ready to face what is when your next day unfolds?