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What does it mean to be mindful and how does it help us?

There are many ways to be mindful and many methods are available for everyone to experiment with. To me, choosing to be mindful is when I choose to manage my awareness to remain in the present moment. I find this is helpful because it clears my mind of expectations and stored feelings from the past. Choosing to be mindful keeps me conscious that I’m accepting a new moment to assist my growth.

When being mindful, I open myself to intuitively learn. I try to experience without reliance on my past or information recently heard. I do my best to keep a neutral mindset and am determined to make a connection with what’s presented to me.

Without the past or future to muddle my experience, I feel more ready to respect my individual reality and explore whatever comes my way.

Being mindful helps make understanding and acceptance of a situation an easier process. I feel it provides me latitude for balance in times of challenge. It keeps me unattached while accepting the process with which I’m meant to flow.

I believe being mindful is a way of living a full experience. No matter what arises, there’s something new to grow and appreciate. Take time to be conscious of your experience and be open to understanding why it’s meant for you. Search not for what you think you know, be open to what you have yet to learn and grow into the wonder that you’re meant to be. Life keeps changing, enjoy the full experience in the here and now!