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For the month of June, I’ve chosen mindful as the theme for the month.

They say that being mindful is about being aware and knowledge often leads us to think that we are conscious, but what about being aware of how we feel about the whole experience at hand?

To me, being mindful is about being present and the willingness to explore every aspect of an experience. I find that knowledge is helpful to guide us but until we choose to own the whole experience, we are not fully aware and can easily wander various experiences without capturing the one in the moment.

Life always comes with choices and the greatest choice that occurs in every moment is the choice to give our presence. I find choosing to be present isn’t only to respect another but also to respect our individual journey. We’re not meant to be programmed or shaped to earn success, we’re meant to explore and experience to determine who we are, what we want to experience and where we want to go in future endeavors. Take time in every situation to be aware of what is, how you feel about it and cherish your awareness as you allow it to guide you forward. Be present in all you do and reap the abundance Life offers you in every moment.