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To accept what is
Changes everything
And nothing at all

To accept what is
Opens perspective,
Closing old thoughts

To accept what is
Frees me from what was
Prepares for the new

To accept what is
Is to love myself
And embrace all Life

My greatest accomplishment for 2020 was admitting that I live with brain damage. I believe I subconsciously knew this for many years but found it hard to admit because it wasn't easily discussed when my adventure began. Concussions not widely known or understood, I started learning about them months after my brain surgery and stroke. Slowly, the symptoms of my epilepsy (or what I thought was the epilepsy) started coming back but without the seizures. My fatigue, hazy vision, seizure triggers, lack of coordination and frustration motivated me to research and face my reality.
These signs were symptoms of brain damage and how could I ignore this knowing I carried 24 years of head-banging with me?
Overall, this changes everything, like how I will carry my life out from now on, and nothing at all. I realize how I chose to survive before my surgery must be utilized today. The awareness relieves me from needing to explain to others because I understand it now.