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A perspective you choose to trust;
Be pretty and wealthy, a must.
Are you happy following trends?
Is it true success that it lends?
Always listen to your heart and be respective
Decide after reflecting on a perspective

Start from within before you strive,
Search your heart for an inner drive.
Hardships are always possible,
Mending weakness is plausible.
Many things to consider while you're journeying;
Whatever path, remember to start from within.

Beauty or wealth, know your choice,
Decide on what makes you rejoice.
Sort through the words that you hear,
Take control of where your life steers.
Take time to consider your health
Before choosing beauty or wealth.

Looking at my younger years, I remember hearing that there is great significance in being beautiful or wealthy. I couldn't follow the trend and I chose to dig deeper into my definition of beauty and wealth. This led me to discover what felt successful for me, and it wasn't what others told me. I learned to listen to my heart and always look within for answers. I discovered that hardship is expected to make conquering weakness possible. There is so much to discover on a journey and it's important to keep consulting our spirit.
Beauty, wealth or success, know your definitions and make your choice based on what makes you happy. Take time to sort through all the opinions you come across and follow your heart when you choose a path. Your happiness will determine your health and your choices are detrimental to your beauty and wealth, whatever your definition may be.