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The various paths so you can succeed;
First element is to find a focus,
With it, life is easier to accept.
-To gain in full, remember to feel-
There are many moments to reconnect,
All experiences help you to know.

When you take the journey to learn and know,
You are striving high so you can succeed.
Many uncertainties to reconnect;
Always return to your wanted focus.
Along the way, always take time to feel,
Remain open and ready to accept.

When you enter, be ready to accept.
Understand it's new and you don't yet know,
No matter the uncertainties you feel.
By staying determined, you will succeed.
Within your sight, your desired focus;
Keep believing and you will reconnect.

There are always moments to reconnect,
Moments when all offered, you will accept.
It will all coincide with your focus,
And, eventually, you will come to know.
Always be faithful that you will succeed,
So you can enjoy the success you feel.

A wide array of emotions to feel,
Intended to break loose and reconnect.
-We must fail first, in order to succeed-
Full accomplishments for you to accept.
At your time, you will realize and just know;
You will be grateful for times of focus.

When hope feels lost, return to your focus;
Embrace all emotions that you feel.
Don't be saddened when you think you don't know,
Your time will come, and you will reconnect.
In all extremes, be open to accept;
By facing all, you will surely succeed.

Return to your focus and reconnect,
Explore all you feel and simply accept.
You'll eventually know and succeed