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Be strong, inner child
Be strong and courageous
To place trust in you
Will prove to be advantageous

There will be much you can't do
Making life ambiguous
It's always so when it's new
Until you choose to be ambitious

Be strong, inner child
For trust in you fuels my soul
With your dreams and my knowledge combined
Our one life together will be whole 

When I think of fears, I recall the experience of fighting with my inner child and how I thought I had to ignore it's voice. When I was brave to trust it, I realized it was an inner instinct that worked to guide me.
There are always times when I listen to it and find myself in uncertainty, I've learned that my inner child always pushes me to learn something new and all is well when I choose to be ambitious.
I've come to love my inner child for her guidance. By combining her wild dreams with the knowledge I've gained through experience, I feel whole with the choices I make and the adventures I encounter.
I perceive children as wise souls that aren't limited because of what they haven't yet been taught. Their thoughts are pure, filled with innocence and love. As adults in the world, we condition our thoughts to fit in but it's important to make time for our inner child to feel liberated and unite our full person.