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Look like a fool, they say
Though we often act in dismay
To what, will this serve?
And why does doing this tug at every nerve?

It is the foolish that seeks to learn
It is through their actions that we discern
With mistakes, they gather points
And from these, they create joints

In the moment, they're easy to ridicule
Until we realize, it is the big picture to which they school
Take time to enjoy the full life
Keep balance and engage in hardship and strife.

When taking daring risks in life, I've come to enjoy the role of the fool. There was a time when I tried to avoid it but life taught me that it's required for success. When failure came about, ridicule only hurt when I chose to lose focus of my purpose. I'm always here to learn and mistakes offer the greatest lessons.

When the people I work with hang on to perfectionism, it drives me mad because I know that they could miss so much and no amount of planning or knowledge will control the outcome of life.