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What is certainty and how does it assist or limit the Journey of Life?

Certainty is the confident knowledge that a person seeks to be free of their doubts. Certainty can be an assistance or a limitation in the Journey of Life, dependent on the measure of reliance we place on it. Certainty will generate enthusiasm for success and establish a belief in the image of tangible outcome but it can’t elude the fact that life continuously changes. An openness to all progression, establishes tenacious beliefs to explore the ambivalent world to acquire our desired knowledge.

Certainty doesn’t define a situation or determines its success; an individual’s certainty only measures their willingness to pursue their journey. Certainty can provide an assertive motivation and may feel like an instinctual guidance but there will always be times when trust in a dubious venture will be greater for development.

If certainty is what assists to nullify hindering fears, then it’s time to modify your perspective and adhere to traverse exploration. Acknowledge that certainty is a signal that you’re already educated and indicates that you are ready for exploration and growth.

To reach our desired certainty in life, we must be willing to release our sense of security to acquire new skills. When we search for certainty, we’re yearning for the success attained through discovery. Certainty is achievable but it will consistently evolve with our person and it is our responsibility to quench its thirst for knowledge. Ambiguity will always be encountered on the Journey of Life and it is an essential asset to endure to accomplish our desired certainty.