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Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

It is a child’s question

That causes us to stop with curiosity,

Search for a response honestly

And openly reflect and learn


It is a child’s question

That leads us to let go of animosity,

Compels us to act compassionately

And consider the vulnerable with concern


It is a child’s question

That reminds us that love is shared with generosity

Encourages us to express creatively

And trust that all actions make returns


So many times, it was my child’s question that led me to discover. Her innocent honesty, always stopping me to rethink what I thought I knew. She could hit a nerve and I could never act angrily. Her questions are examples of how generously she shares herself and encourages me to do the same. Watching her trust strengthens my trust. How could an adult not find enjoyment in every question a child puts forth?