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For the month of April, I’ve chosen the contrast of simple and complex as my theme for the month.

I find that simple and complex are concepts that are viewed as competitors when they are teammates intended to form the big picture. In my experience, hardship had the tendency to tempt me with defeat and when I let fear overcome me, the situation became complex. Over the years, I’ve learned that acceptance of the situation calmed my nerves and enlightened me to it’s simplicity in the long-run.

Simplicity is beautiful and all around us. When the small details of Life are constantly overlooked, we tend to imagine that Life is more complicated than it is. Curiosity and acceptance help us to slow down, recognize and slowly peel the layers of our onion to enjoy its core flavor. I’ve learned that heated moments are simple when I open myself to the experience and the hardship within it is intended to help me grow. Without a dose of complexity, I wouldn’t appreciate simplicity or even understand its significance.

Embrace hardship as a journey to recognize yourself and what is. Reflect on contrasts to understand the full picture and trust that it all unites to make you whole. Whether simple or complex, the experience will help you grow and be one with Life. Happy journeying, everyone!