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Life comes together piece by piece,

Creating a dream you hold dear.

Then a time comes when you’re disabled,

And there’s disruption to your peace.

Thoughts are overwhelmed by fears

And you must fight to make life stable.


Search within to find new pieces,

Gain new strength before you adhere.

You know in your heart that you are capable,

This is an adventure to find a new thesis.

Embrace it all, wherever it steers,

Each new gain proves you’re still able.


Every change is a hypothesis,

It’s okay to be scared with cheer.

It begins by making you uncomfortable,

Nudging you forth towards new pieces.

You have power to not let uncertainty interfere,

With each choice, you won’t be disabled.


I find life to be an interesting adventure. In my life, I’ve had a disability that was hidden and obvious at the same time. However, disabilities appear (as they happen to everyone) and I believe they’re intended to help us grow.

Changes disrupt our comfort and awaken buried fears. Though overwhelming, we have the power to face it and find new gifts. In our hearts, we know we can go on and accept what we’ve been given. We know we’re able, even if the moment says otherwise.

I say it’s okay to admit fear and face it with cheer, for who knows what we’ll find we embrace it? It’s not always what we think but it becomes proof of our ability. Disability, a sign that we have room to grow.