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Shards of glass broken on the floor,

No longer wanting to be what it was before.

In a mess that is sharp and cutting

Ready to be thrown away

Feeling a door shutting.


Shards of beauty that can no longer last

No longer wanting life to fly fast

Picking at pieces that added art

Not wanting what was to be forgotten

It’s time for this glass to make a new start


What once was will now undergo change

Colors and shades will be rearranged

Broken pieces in a metamorphosis

To fashion for today

And unite all pieces with conscious emphasis


Though I speak of my many blessings, it doesn’t prevent me from breaking and learning. So many realizations to enlighten what I can no longer be, it  makes me scared and causes me to be sharp and cutting. I fear being thrown away, knowing that an old door is closing.

What was is now changing, some details may need rearranging. It’s time for the broken to undergo a metamorphosis so it can survive today, and reconstruction will require conscious concentration.