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When I went in for brain surgery six years ago, I carried 24 years of head-banging onto the table. In the months prior to brain surgery, I hit my head on the curb twice and fell down a flight of tile stairs. There was no way for anyone to be certain of what would be. The stroke on the table gave me an alternate damage. My body required time to recover from surgery before trying to heal the damage from stroke while carrying 24 years of damage.

Six years later, I’ve recovered tremendously and it’s time to admit that I will always carry the damage from my experience. Seizures stopping only took impending death out of the picture but will never erase the years of damage that makes me strong.

I am Astrid and this is my truth. I am proud of the experiences I’ve been entrusted and I continue searching to grow into who I’m meant to be. After journeying long and hard, I finally feel free to be me!Β 


Though most of it was out of my control,

I persevered, body and soul,

I’m now free to explore.

Piece my gifts together,

Smile in appreciation

And let my life become whole.


Welcome 2021! I’m ready to take flight!πŸ₯°