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Photo by Abi Howard on Unsplash

Battered and beaten

Yet full of value

Every wrinkle representing experience


Across the body

And imbedded in the soul

Every longing gaze holding memories


Frail and withered

Yet full of strength

Every step filled with age-old determination


Examples of survival

With respect to adversity

The old grow innocent amongst the young


This poetic reflection was inspired by a conversation with my daughter about old age. We spoke of the fears we hear of old age and the goal to hide wrinkles or signs of aging. My daughter concluded, “I believe every wrinkle represents experience.”

I believe old age is a new phase where one is no longer required to fiercely fight to keep up with life around them. A phase to release binding responsibilities, enjoy life and rediscover self with the young. Freedom to let innocence and appreciation shine.

Let’s not frown on wrinkles and gray hairs or deny them with products to deceive, for they are the signs of achievement and a part of who we are.