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With the holiday season here, I recall the many events and volunteer positions I participated in to celebrate the season and community. Church, non-profit and business gatherings, all requiring organization and enthusiasm. Hard work to celebrate the spirit of Life.

Β My greatest joy in life has been in volunteering my efforts to help the greater good. I attest that giving yourself with love is addictive, rewarding and a great way to connect. It is my greatest joys to contribute to the world and grow with all that surrounds me.

Volunteer work started as a requirement to complete high school and the opportunity taught me about the abundance of love that exists when you’re willing to give. For me, it was a step towards acceptance because it encouraged me to share myself regardless of epilepsy and proved that a disability is not an incapability. Giving built my sense of self-worth, connected me to others and offered new dreams. Nothing beats the love I feel when I’m told someone who volunteered with me remembers who I am twenty years later. Volunteer work didn’t build me an empire, it gave me experience, love and accomplishment.