Young Animal Friendship

A group of young animals had a moose,

Who loved to include a jolly brown bear.

The two loved to munch on sweets and some mousse

But not their friend, the gentle and calm deer.

The three young best friends held each other dear,

And they came together open and bare.


Thoughts and feelings between the three were bare

And, for leader, they always chose the moose.

Activities together, always dear.

When they got cold, they got hugs from the bear.

Afternoons running, they would chase the deer,

Their favorite dessert to share was mousse.


The three animals wanted to make mousse,

After they finished, they left the top bare.

It was too sweet for the tongue of the deer,

The rest of the share was eaten by moose.

Though, sometimes, a piece was offered to bear,

Whatever they did together was dear.


Never was a group so peaceful and dear

As when the three animals shared a mousse.

The messiest eater was always bear

And they accepted him, jolly and bare.

Nobody had big antlers like the moose,

Hopefully desiring was the deer.


They all grew, and the smallest was the deer,

Their companionship always held dear.

Following the lead of their strong head, moose,

Ending each enjoyment with favored mousse.

Spirit always kept as jolly and bare

With great big hugs from their beloved bear.


Loving warmth was felt from deer, moose and bear;

A calming peace it was to dance with deer.

Amazing that their feelings remained bare,

Making their friendship tremendously dear.

They always enjoyed and shared bites of mousse,

Nothing could feel sweeter to the head moose.


A jolly bear filled with hugs was held dear.

Whether or not eaten by deer, there’s mousse!

Led by moose, thoughts and feelings remained bare.

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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