Preparing vacations with the set crews

They all expected it easy except

They wondered if a ship would meet currents

It’d be luxury to take a small cruise

Feeling waves would be easy to accept

Amidst a storm, just don’t eat the currants


California produces currants

Kindly cared for by the laboring crews

Tasty and seedless, of course we accept

Many want to devour more except

They leave them behind to get back on cruise

With great treats, all tolerate the currents


A great adventure to ride the currents

Sometimes relaxing while eating currants

Enjoyment feeling the wind on a cruise

It feels great to make friends with the ship’s crews

To prolong the time is my dream, except

I must return home and, my life, accept


Imagine relaxation, you’d accept

Feeling wild and free riding the currents

If all remained good, we’d eat more except

The time would come when there’s no more currants

We want to feel welcome by all the crews

Make our vacation a lasting cruise


Where would you go if you went on a cruise?

What are the luxuries you would accept?

Take time to talk to the different crews

And don’t be afraid when you feel currents

For dessert, ask to eat the ripe currants

The moment feels like your heaven, except


When you remember the clause of except.

You won’t always be enjoying a cruise,

It may even be rare to eat currants.

Leaving it behind is hard to accept

But you can do without the strong currents

Remember, be thankful to the ship’s crews.


Enjoy except when its end to accept

You’ve enjoyed the cruise, even with currents;

Such joy to eat currants with the crews.