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Being a parent comes with various life lessons. Everyone enters parenthood at an age when we don’t know and are starting to understand life, the challenge is admitting that we don’t know. Despite not knowing, we try our best based on the knowledge our experiences gathered and then realize that everything changed and what we knew may not be as applicable anymore. We want to appear reliable for our child but must admit that we are still learning.

With this realization, I felt it was best to honestly admit to my daughter that we are both children in life, no matter what age or experience we have. This admittance helped our relationship greatly, making us more forgiving of our mistakes together. My daughter and I have declared to be children together, to always learn and try our best. I love that this perspective takes away the hierarchy in our relationship and helps us to work together. This has opened the understanding that we’re both human, require assistance and are capable to be supportive.

Parenting is an ambiguous adventure filled with love and discovery. It’s a great gift accepting the uncertainty and respecting that it isn’t a role of status. Open honesty in all endeavors is the best way to understand the essence of Life.