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From a young age, he was famous for his scar

He didn’t like it and there was nothing he could do but live with his scar


To Voldemort, he lost his parents,

His uncle’s was a deterrent, he had to stay because of his scar.


A wizard in his heart,

He was excited when he could start and face his scar


To Hogwarts, the school he went,

To learn what his life meant beyond his scar


Many challenges came his way,

And he was courageous every day because of his scar


Though many questioned his intentions,

He held humble ambitions because of his scar


Protected by his mother’s love,

He soared on a broom up above, known for his scar.


With help from his friends,

He found ways to defend against You-Know-Who, who gave him his scar.


Always out to learn,

He often avoided concerns about his scar.


Frustrated staying with muggles,

His Summers were a struggle and he always worried about his scar


With an owl as a messenger,

He was no less stranger with his scar.


When darkness was near

Pain and fear would be felt through his scar


Though wondering why,

He continued to try while listening to his scar


He believed he would succeed

And chose to proceed with his scar


Harry was born to survive the unknown

Harry’s greatness is shown, even if he doesn’t depend on his scar.


I just finished reading the Harry Potter series and I am inspired by Harry’s character and adventures. We are who we are through the scars we carry.