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Without hardship,

We would not consider what we already have.

Ease would goop into a lazy haze

And hard earned skills would be forgotten.

-Strive for adversity-


Without failure,

We would glide and rise without knowing.

Height would pressure us into a messy crumble

And lessons would slip away to become unknown.

-Strive for adversity-


Without difference,

We would mold into what we’re not.

Monotony would diminish creativity

And gratitude would disappear without value.

-Strive for adversity-


I find it sad that we strive for convenience and work hard to minimize hardship, failure and difference. I believe these are factors of life that help us to view the big picture and strive for growth. I don’t deny that these are difficult to accept but muting them minimizes the experience and shrinks the gifts of life, making them harder to find when they’re right in front of us.

I’m a fan of hardship and difference, and I fully support the experience of failure. Adversity fuels my life and I believe it will touch each person in different ways. Face hardship to measure your capacity, fail to recognize your place among others, be different to explore who you are and, most importantly, respect everything that enters your path.