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“Stay true to what you hold dear and be rewarded for conquering your fears.” -Astrid’s Words

To be true to who you are, you must know yourself and know what measures you’re willing to take to succeed. Knowing yourself won’t guarantee success or prevent challenges, it’s a foundation to return to when life is uncertain. Look within for safety and assurance.

It takes courage to follow your instincts and go against the norm. It’s your commitment to grow and respect changes. When life doesn’t go your way, take a step back and review your intentions. A horrible moment wasn’t where you intended to remain, find your way back to light without expecting externally.

Maintain your integrity by working with you. You don’t have control over others or the circumstances of Life; you have the power to decide which path your life takes. Return to your core values when shaken and root yourself in the essence of you. Keep sharing, be ready for challenge and grow into who you are.