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There is no speaking for a race

For you are one voice and cannot be cloned

You can speak for yourself and what you foresee

But what you presume must be grown


A controversial role to try to speak for all

For you aren’t God and know it all

You can try your best with your ways

Make contributions whether big or small


Most matters are out of your hands

For control isn’t within your reach

Follow your heart as best you can

Maintain an example with intention to teach


Try your best to make a stand

For you can’t stand to not even try

Make actions based on values

Don’t spend too much time asking why


With all the issues arising in the world, I wonder how one person can expect to speak for so many. Everyone can add perceptions towards a cause, but there’s no foreseeing how others will act, and what is foreseen requires time to grow.

It’s controversial to try to represent all, for no person can act as God. We can only try our best, contributing to what we believe in.

There’ll always be times to admit the lack control, these are the times to follow our hearts and be the example desired. Though we can’t speak for all, we can always decide how we stand and make an effort trying with values. We will act with faith, without expectations and not overthink whatever occurs.