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Twenty nine years of dealing with neurology

It’s time I give my past experiences a eulogy


What began as epilepsy

Filled my life with adversity

Encouragement to search spiritually

Training to accept each moment individually


Authenticity became the way

Perseverance practiced every day

Hope and love helped me proceed

I’m lucky I didn’t doubt I’d succeed


I know to listen to my heart

And trying will always be my part

I know that all is worth a smile

And I make it my branded style


I believe that I am most fortunate

My experiences made me obstinate

I promise to find ways to redistribute

To life and love, I will always contribute


Thank you for all that I am and what I’m yet to become. I will always cherish being me 🥰


Many years have passed since my journey began and it’s important to look at all the pieces. This eulogy was necessary to honor my past, let go of what is no longer and step forward into who I am. Thank you, Life!