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At times of injustice that reminds of the past,

Everyone’s in an upheaval, trying to recover from the blast.

Everyone’s in emotional distress, weeding out right from wrong,

Making chaos when the emotions are strong.


There’s no erasing what is already there,

Only deciding on how to act to remain fair.

Can anyone make sense with the confused?

What result do we wish to have fused?


It’s never wise to drown in old anger

Issues unresolved are a danger.

To be quiet now isn’t to surrender,

It’s cause is to not add to what could tear us asunder.


As we’re all tested to deal with a long-standing issue, old wounds are opened as everyone struggles to do what’s right. Everyone’s facing confusion and a mutual understanding is hard to reach.

It isn’t wise to remain in anger or ignore our anger, as our resolve is important to find peace. We can’t control others but we can choose to experience, become what we want to see and help contribute to peace.