Molly, our Magic Fluff,

Lives on a carpet floor

And frolics through her little house

While watching the front door.


She welcomes with a bark

And a sniff from her nose

And, sometimes, Molly loves to share

Her most favorite toys


She loves to run around

And give her dolls a chase

And, sometimes, gives a little kiss

That is just nose to face


Molly, our Magic Fluff

A fun and loving pet

Molly’s playful and comforting,

An Akita that protects


She loves to go outside

To sniff and go potty

And when we hear a little knock,

To come in, she is ready.


Molly, our Magic Fluff

Lives with us four

And frolics through our little house

While watching the front door.


Today is my pet Molly’s 12th birthday and I’m sharing this poem she inspired many years ago. Designed to be sung to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon, this poem was made into a classic storybook for my daughter growing up.