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The Union for Education Workers (UEW) decided it was time to reassess needs for community. UEW suffered financial losses and needed to cut down on benefits offered to workers to rebalance their books.

When the workers of UEW heard this, they were angered because they also suffered losses in other areas. The union and workers didn’t want to budge, causing workers to call a strike. All school workers withdrew from responsibilities with focus to get their expected share.

Families in the community worried, causing the head of UEW to refocus on UEW’s purpose. “Let us retract from financial needs and focus on the purpose. We’re here to provide safe, clean education for our future generations. A house divided against itself, cannot stand. To serve our purpose, let’s make an agreement to serve what we can now and flow together with changes.”

An agreement was met to serve their purpose with understanding that not all needs could be met. Workers put personal needs aside, concentrating on what they could give now.


Inspired by “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” – George Washington