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Image by: Jeff Finley from unsplash.com


The mystery of life as it unfolds

Shines bright and dark as one

Daring souls to be brave and slightly bold

To enjoy and have fun

Fly free with height and also sail down low

Keep on going, even when it feels slow

There’s always more to come

All experience, in your mind molds


Continue growing, when you’re young and old

Become a special sum

Own your gifts and never let them be sold

Strive to have your life won

Venture through mountain peaks and valleys low

Never making your life a grand show

Enjoy all humble hums

It’s yours to own, whether young or old


Never let failure be reason for scolds

Await light from the sun

Decipher what in life, for you, upholds

Discard what makes you shun

Find balance to keep happy and mellow

Never continue bouncing to and fro

Maintain spirited fun

Allow mysteries to slowly unfold