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Wear a mask

To help sustain beauty

Preserve the tranquility of life

Enjoy the flow that can’t be contained by a mask

Unite the care for you and others

Find your hidden purpose

With a mask


As I observe the conflict and need to wear a mask, I reflect on its necessity to make my choice.  Hearing of how numbers fall when people abide, I feel wearing a mask helps to sustain beauty. The beauty of life that encompasses love and peace while releasing the tension of uncertainty. We all want tranquility and adding a mask doesn’t take away our ability to enjoy what we do. Though it’s something new to get used to, there’s much enjoyment to capture with them on. In choosing to wear a mask, we’re caring for ourselves and others. We’re not just following the rules, we’re making a choice that speaks with purpose. Find your purpose in standing strong against COVID-19 virus. Unite with what you love and enjoy your new fashion!