Time to Redeem Herself

She stands straight and tall,

Though deep inside, she’s crumbling.

She wants to grow but feels small.

-Too many expectations she’s been jumbling-


She wears a mask of courage and cheer,

Not knowing others can sense her struggle.

She wants acceptance but feels fear.

-Too many life issues to juggle-


She tries to be truthful,

Feels honesty is turned away.

She wants to care, not be ruthful.

-Too many thoughts of what they’ll say-


She’s limited with disability.

Her whole life, never in admittance.

Dishonesty to self, an instability.

Time to redeem herself, permit full acceptance.

Published by Astrid's Words

Astrid Hardjana-Large is an inspirational author who enjoys Life and adversity. She is motivated to share her inspiration from Life experiences and encourages readers to persevere on the journey of Life.

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