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With impatience seeping out of every pore,

People fight so they can have a settled score.

Right or wrong isn’t easy,

-The path to justice has become queasy-

Everyone’s stressed because they don’t know anymore.


When they think they know what’s in store,

Something rushes by to shake the core.

-Partial pictures are hard to digest-

Though waiting is hard to suggest,

Old rules and values have become a bore.


Many speed by without a purpose to live for,

Not wanting to wait, just wanting more.

There’ll be a time to take things slow and steady,

To ensure that they’re ready.

Practice patience to strengthen your core.


I was asked why doctors are quick to diagnose and prescribe medication, I didn’t know the answer and it made me wonder what it must be like to be a professional surrounded by impatient clients. Everyone fights to maintain their integrity, and nobody can change the course of life, there are no true answers to feed the impatient.

When we think we know what is, something rushes us, and we lose sight of what is. The rush being partial, we suggest waiting and not many agree. Old rules and values have become discarded. With intense speed, the purpose is hardly clear, and balance is forgotten. Slow times are required to prepare, and the practice of patience is intended to strengthen our character. Please journey slow and steady, use patience to ensure you’re always ready.