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Bianca was excited for her birthday. It would be her sweet sixteen! A time to be with family and friends to celebrate her existence. As the month of her birthday approached, she was uneasy to have heard nothing from loved ones around her. Don’t they think I matter? Don’t they want to enjoy me? she asked herself. As doubtful thoughts swarmed her mind, Bianca felt angry with everyone else’s lack of enthusiasm. She couldn’t believe they’d forget her yet couldn’t make sense of it. Finally, she decided to take charge of her celebration.

While planning, Bianca thinks to herself, I may as well redirect all my negative energy and positively create my wanted synergy. and decides to party at her favorite restaurant and invite close family and friends to meet her at her there for dinner. They all agree and make her promise to be there at 5 to make sure everything is set up.

On her birthday, Bianca is excited, feeling vibrant to set up and greet her guests. As she enters the restaurant, she stops in her tracks as family and friends shout, “Surprise! Happy Sweet Sixteen, Bianca!” Blinking back tears, Bianca looks around at the decorated restaurant and the abundance of loved ones. How could I not have known they’d plan a surprise for me?