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Water flows

In the direction it needs to go

Brings beauty on its journey

By being the way it needs to be

A great source

For the plants and animals in nature

To all that it gets to meet

It is, on its own, a true and great treat

Nature is a beautiful thing to view when we question where life should be going. As I view a lake, I can see how the water flows, all the water drops just go in the direction they are needed to go. I imagine the lake is like a crowd filled with different people, we all just go where our person needs to go. We can choose to follow others or we can choose our own direction to go.

Viewing the lake allows me to see the beauty the water drops express as they go on their journey. It is just like how every person alive has their own beautiful quality to contribute to the world. We all add beauty by being the person we were meant to be.

We have been told that water is a great source to have. It gives life to plants and animals in nature and it helps to care for people, too. To all that water gets to meet and get in contact with, it is on its own, a great treat. Just as, with every different person we get to meet in life, we receive the gift of different experiences that will help our person to grow.

We are all like water drops in a lake. We all have our own purpose to be here and we all have special gifts to contribute to everything around us. It will always be great for another person to get to know us and we will always have something beautiful to add to the world.

Let us all go forth in the direction we need to go and add our special contribution to our beautiful world.