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I believe every journey requires determination and is a mountain to climb. The first half of the journey requires concentration, an uphill climb battling the terrain and personal fears.

Once the top of the mountain is reached, you know that you’re at the halfway mark and challenges will change to bring you to completion.

The second half of the journey is finding your way home. It’s navigating down an exciting slope with control and recognition of who you are. There’s temptation to hurry and it’s important to take it slow to absorb the experience.

This analogy was inspired by my stroke recovery. For me, 2020 is the year to instill patience into my practice. They say it would take about 10 years to recover from my stroke and I’m now at my half mark. Looking back, I recall the uncertainties and fears. It took immense concentration to keep climbing.

As I look forward, I realize there are many things I still don’t know about myself and I don’t want to repeat mistakes of rushing and skipping the experience. There’s still much of the journey ahead and I know I have the determination. Now, it’s time to navigate to my desires, abilities and concentrate on who I am because of this journey.

In all efforts required to climb up the mountain and climb down the slope, all memories I take to heart will be the truth of how I reached my enlightenment.