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Qiana worked hard and after each workday, she tried to care for her son, Jacob. Jacob was growing, no longer wanting his mother’s care, so he quickly did as he was told and played on his tablet. Qiana tried to get Jacob to focus and was met with resistance. As patient as Qiana had been, she scolded Jacob angrily. Qiana’s anger made Jacob fear her, not what Qiana wanted.

When visiting, Grandpa noticed tension between Qiana and Jacob and asked, “What’s going on with you and your mom?”

Jacob replied, ” She was telling me to do work again and when I didn’t listen, she yelled and took my tablet away. She’s being mean.”

Grandpa chuckled and said, ” Sounds like she tried caring and you resisted. Jacob, caregivers are like elastic bands. They’re resilient, but when over-stretched, they break. Work with her so she doesn’t break, and all will be well.”