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Jocelyn loved cross stitching since she was young and wished art wasn’t fading from her world. She attended craft shows and found there were less of her chosen art.

Wanting art to live on, Jocelyn decided to sell her work online. Apprehensive starting, doubting popularity, Jocelyn was determined to share her craft.

A month after starting, Jocelyn hardly had traffic and slowed her stitching progress, disappointed. What boosts traffic? She thought as she weaved her needle. Will art be enough?

Jocelyn’s aunt, Amber, walked in and asked about business. “I really wanted to share my art but it’s no longer a popular choice. I made a mistake starting.” Jocelyn replied.

Amber stopped Jocelyn’s hands and said, “Patiently persevere and it will materialize; take the time to know what you want to recognize. You’re keeping creativity alive and it takes more than a month for business to grow. Keep contributing, one post at a time.”