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A dawning age to start anew

Time to weed and sort what I want to be true

A process to allow old dreams to form and be birthed

Time to accept my actual worth.



A new phase to explore like an ambitious teen

Time to put to use all the experiences I’ve seen

A process to become who I’ve wanted to be

Time to accept past and present to recognize reality



An adventure I can’t claim to know

Time to open myself to all and grow

A renewal to reignite my inner fire

Time to be me as I’ve always aspired


This week, I turned forty and it feels like a refreshing beginning. Processing what was with what is and redetermining the direction of my journey. Though I’ve heard a lot of disdain for old age and the forties, I’m excited and feel like I can start exploring as the twenty year old I’ve been longing to be. Who knows what life gifts I will uncover? Either way, on with the journey! 😃