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Many share woes when they view my strife

Often wondering, “What if it were my life?”

It’s hard to believe that life is fair

Finding trust in my resourceful care


“You must work for your left hand back!

Without it your life would slack!”

Why fight for what I hardly utilized?

I have other parts ready to be recognized.


I have a chin and elbow that helps grip

My right side assists when I slip

My foot and body weight act as supports

With my body, I have a new rapport


The many hands that exists

When I’m open to not resist

I’m confident Life is fair to me

Even if I appear with alternate realities


To be independent with whatever Life offers, one must be bold to come away from what they know. It isn’t that I’m not equipped with resources, I must be willing to recognize them and accept the difference. Independence isn’t about standing alone, I’d say independence is the ability to recognize yourself and trust what you are given. It’s important to know yourself, body and soul.