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We must will Mother Earth to not bring harm

We must sacrifice ourselves to form an alliance

With respect for all, we will gain Her forgiveness

We must be mindful of our reliance,

Always remembering to give Her thanks,

Never turning away from Her in defiance.


We must be loving to all Her children

Embrace them all to stand with humanity

We must share the resources among us all equally

Remembering that we are Her children and a global community

Let’s act with respectful love to regain Her trust,

To will Mother Earth against harm and live in unity.


Our world has reached a point of no return and we must face mistakes and change to prevent harm. We must be more mindful and respectful to be worthy of our reliance and to build an alliance with others who share this world.

It is Mother Earth’s trust that we must revive. With love, respect and appreciation, we will be open to share all and stand together as a global community. Let’s show our love to Mother Earth and all her children to prevent harm and live in unity.