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Reflecting on independence, I’m grateful for my determination, curiosity, creativity, knowledge and love, for contributing to my independence in times of need.

First and foremost, my determination to enjoy life and continuously grow helps me to never expect or remain in comfort. It encourages me to explore and welcome every hardship that enters my path.

Exploration feeds my curiosity and leads me to find new ways to deal with what I have. Whenever I get stuck, curiosity branches into my creativity and invents new ways of dealing for the time being.

Every new way offers new knowledge, building blocks for future endeavors. With knowledge, I’m able to reach understanding and be inspired by new aspects to explore and learn.

Love, through appreciation, holds my independence together. In times when I’m tempted to compare, I take time to look at what I have and recognize its worth for me. Things I can’t understand become treasures when I explore their purpose and welcome them as growing opportunities. Love helps me to never turn away and to remain curious and grateful.

My way of life is different, as every life is, and with these five qualities, I’m able to be my own person. My independence is enjoying life as is, continuously growing into a better me and appreciating my place among existence. I may not know what comes next but I do know I have the means to survive and, with it, I will further grow into who I am.