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Every sprinter wants to win medals

If they were a cat, they are not a lynx

They enjoy the track filled with many rows

Concentration, not something to meddle

Every effort creates success links

For each victory, the crowd’s applause rose


Each sweat is like a petal on a rose

They are like rewards, though aren’t real medals

Every event completed are links

Perhaps in the Winter they’d be a lynx

With their focus, it’s best not to meddle

For they want their place in the running rows


Always ready to train in the rows

Where the stamina willingly arose

Failure and defeat should never meddle

The sprinter’s goal is to receive medals

They have no aim to be slow like a lynx

All their training will be their success links


Courage and focus are a sprinter’s links

They know their path among the many rows

Their vision is sharp like that of a lynx

To the speed and challenge, their spirits rose

Running fast and hard, they won the medals

Winners never mind when coaches meddle


When they run, they don’t want rain to meddle

For the rain causes them too many blinks

They’d rather have their eyes on the medals

Knowing they completed the running rows

When the crowd cheers loudly, stamina rose

After the heat, they like the pace of lynx


In Winter, they are as slow as a lynx

They don’t run on risky ice that meddles

They think back on the stamina that rose

For that is focus in the Winter links

When they can’t wait to sprint the running rows

And strive for the tournament medals


Winning links not to the speed of a lynx

They’re disciplined not to meddle with rows

For each time fans rose, they’re winning medals