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For the month of June, I chose the virtue of individuality as the theme.

To me, individuality is the acceptance of who I am and my placement in this world. It is the self-assurance to stand out and pursue the wishes held within. It is a long journey that requires solitude and time to accept.

Stepping into individuality is an ambiguous adventure, one that helps you to let go of what you thought was and realize what is. Though it’s a journey taken alone, the greatest reward is realizing how you can relate to so many different others while remaining yourself.

There’s always a new lesson with every new day, as long as we choose to search. The practice of individuality is a great way to continuously grow into who you are without conforming to what you’ve been given. Keep yourself open to the Life around you, remember to check in with who you are and enjoy being the unique individual you are meant to be.