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Visibility of true self, to uphold authenticity.

Unarmored and open to accept the gifts of life.

Love and compassion to guide your perceptions,

Naked truths to discover the roots of reality.


Emotional awareness to make conscious decisions,

Release of control to respect the flow of life.

Accountable shame that shapes who you are;

Birth of pride recognizing the unique qualities you possess.


Liable to fearful doubts intended for strength of character

Exposed weaknesses to accept you’re human.


I found accepting my vulnerability was a scary and enlightening experience. Entering the journey, my mind was clouded by expectation I thought I had to follow. In fighting vulnerability, I wasn’t being my true self and my thoughts weren’t guided by love and compassion. I went into situations wearing a suit of armor and missed the gifts life offered me. The naked truths hurt and respecting them helped me to look at my reality

Emotions cloud my mind and being vulnerable built my awareness to make me own my decisions. Release of the control I thought I’d have by following expectations helped me to flow with life and perceive my shame as the tools that shaped me. Pride in my person awakened when I openly accepted the unique qualities I possess.

Everyone is liable to fearful doubts because they’re there to help us practice as we work to build our strength of character. All exposed weaknesses help us to understand that we are human and worthy of love.