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Recently, I’ve studied vulnerability to explore who I am and how I want to be. I strive to connect with the world as best as I can and have always believed open honesty is the best policy. Definitions:

Honesty (n) 1. Quality or fact of being honest 2. Truthfulness, sincerity or frankness 3. Freedom from deceit or fraud

Vulnerable (adj) Capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt

The definitions state that honesty is truthfulness and freedom from deceit. Vulnerability is defined as a susceptibility to being hurt and open to attack. From the definitions, I see no real difference other than one word means following truth and the other opens the imagination to defend against something that may not happen. Are defenses truthful when something hasn’t even occurred? I believe that setting defenses and preparing for the worst are distractions from the experience. Entering all situations with open honesty and a willingness to learn helps us to be more receptive to what is, the truth. Yes, we’ll encounter hardship and the acceptance of this before the journey prepares us to deal with the moments as they come. Whether we are susceptible to being hurt or not, the experience is intended to strengthen our resolve.

In my experience, I was warned of the fatalities my condition could bring. Going in for brain surgery, I could only accept what I’d be given and commit to working with it. If I chose to prepare for the death everyone warned me of, I’d be figuring out what life would be after I’m dead and that would’ve brought immense sadness to me and my family. I admitted not knowing, concentrated on being alive and gained more knowledge being open to what would be. Waking up from surgery, I could only be grateful that I was alive. Truthfully, I knew a big change would happen, though I couldn’t foresee it, and I knew I’d have to find a way to adapt. In deciding to be honest instead of vulnerable, my trust in Life was strengthened and my gratitude pulled me through the hardship.

I’m not fond of how vulnerability is described because it triggers unnecessary defenses. Honesty is the best policy. Be honest about what you want, what you’re willing to do and be accepting of what you receive. When it’s hard to understand, accept that you’re human, reflect with honesty and harbor no expectations. Who knows where Life will take you? Perhaps just one step closer to the treasure of your dreams. Be honest with yourself and all others, remain open to Life and accept all gifts offered, no matter how hard it appears in the moment, to keep growing towards greatness.