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Basics, foundation of understanding

Stability from which we often stray

Imbedded in routine every day

It often returns and is demanding

Making us reflect on why it should stay



When all’s not well, it’s reprimanding

Ignoring it is a high price to pay

To comprehend, we can’t constantly play

Respect the values Life is handing



The basics in life are things we have and are born with. They’re the values, skills and knowledge we own. Though we discover new things along the journey, it’s the basics to which our hearts return. We leave its safety to continue growing and when we lose our connection to it, we’re called back to it and realize its importance in our life.

When we’ve strayed too far away, it calls with urgency and the return is challenging. If we choose to ignore it, we choose to erase an essential piece to our being. Life isn’t always for enjoyment in comfort, it’s important to take time to understand the self and respect what’s being offered by Life. We are each unique as we are and are solely the person who understands who we are.