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There’s more that can meet a blinded vision

More joy to be met without purchased goods

Success to be found after full missions

Genuine triumphs without wearing hoods


Don’t claim status on material wealth

Don’t claim status on physical allure

Don’t assume good looks are equal to health

Don’t assume attraction makes life assured


Be vulnerable, as you’re meant to be

Don’t curtain the scars that makes you pure art

Openly share your authenticity

Make yourself unique from the very start


Look within and commence discovery

Search for growth to make each recovery.


Speaking to my daughter of the teenage memories of how to attract love and success ignited my grounded belief that isn’t in favor of looks and material wealth. A vision is blinded when dependent on external means to support value. Joy is found within and success earned after full missions.

Material wealth and physical allure are temporary without the truth. Looking good doesn’t guarantee health and attractive wealth isn’t an assured life of comfort.

We’re all meant to be as we are. All scars carried, though we view them ugly, are defined strokes on the artwork we are. Be different from the start and gain more strokes of authenticity

Search for what you want to start discovering and be conscious for ways to grow and persevere each test successfully.