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Despite the denying thoughts and words

The truth still strongly exists

There is nothing that can be done

To build an armor that can truly resist



May appear as a wanted option

But when we face the truth

It will have only been a deception


Find your courage to face what’s real

Discover your known resolve

Don’t tread among dishonesty

Accept your answers and evolve


The truth holds a strong importance within our lives. There will be times when life feels hard and we wish to avoid it but despite the thoughts and words that we can come up with to deny it, the truth will still exist and there would be no way to avoid it. As a method of avoidance, procrastination is often chosen but when the truth initiates its purpose and becomes apparent, procrastination will have only been a personal deception.

We all need courage to face what is real and we all need to know what we want to be. Don’t choose to remain in a false security to avoid your true self, accept the answers that life offers you and evolve into the person you are meant to be.